Hey guys! Hope you are doing great ☺️. This is a new poem by me.

Eyes filled with flow of emotions,

Trying to stop them just on the edge.

Want to explain a thousand of words,

Have been thinking hundred of thoughts.

Oh for god’s sake!

Is there someone to hear me out,

To agree me with absolute no doubt.

I am in an age of changes,

Packed with internal and external struggles.

Why can’t they just leave me free,

I don’t want your suggestions for me.

Leave me alone, oh please leave

Sure I can handle all this grief.

– Sprightly Shreya


Hey guys. What’s up? Hope you all are doing great.

In this world of brutality

I lit up the light to find peace.

Went to the ocean and the sea,

But sadly found nothing but stale fish.

Started my journey again now to the cities,

Even the worst the condition was noisy, cram and ravenous.rd me didn’t give up hope

Bizarred me didn’t gave up hope,

Searched the sky rocks and peaks,

Failed me faced breakdown.

Impotent me got my answer,

Numb, sorrow truth of life,

‘DEATH’ is the place where you find peace.

– Sprightly Shreya


Hey guys ❤️ I am back with a new blog. Recently, I have been studying about colours. So thought to share some of my knowledge related to these beautiful colours with you.😊

Here we go 😄


Courage, sacrifice, and love or anger, danger, and war? The color red can be associated with the happiest feelings as well as with the worst.
Red symbolizes energy, passion, strength, courage, physical activity, creativity, warmth, and security.

It is also associated with aggression. In healing, use red to bring warmth and burn out disease. Red is a powerful color and should be used in moderation.

Specially my favourite colour is Red.❤️


The color blue represents both the sky and the sea and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity.
blue is favored by so many people, it is often viewed as a non-threatening color that can seem conservative and traditional. Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity.

My house is basically in blue colour as it symbolises Peace.💙


Green symbolizes money, luck, prosperity, vitality and fertility. It is also associated with envy. Green is the color of healing; it is beneficial in all healing situations. In the aura green signifies balance, peace and often indicates ability as a healer.
Green in the Bible
Green symbolizes immortality, eternal life, new growth, renewal, and resurrection since it’s the color of vegetation.

Nature is all about being Green.💚


The color yellow and gold are often used interchangeably throughout the Bible, allowing for rich interpretations. Yellow symbolizes faith and Glory of God, anointing, and joy
the sun-god Helios wore a yellow robe and rode in a golden chariot drawn by four fiery horses across the heavenly firmament. The radiant yellow light of the sun personified divine wisdom.

Yellow is the brightest colour according to me.💛


black’s color meaning is symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. In contrast, the color meaning can also evoke emotions such as sadness and anger.

It is associated with strength, authority, and power. Black lends an air of authority and intelligence to those who wear it. It symbolizes prestige, formality, and importance. With so many associations, it will come as no surprise that the color black has a profound effect on the psyche.

BLACK too is my favourite.🖤

This is all for this blog. Will be back soon with a new intersting as well as enthusiastic topic🤩

Sprightly Shreya


Hey guy’s, what’s up. I am really sorry 🥺 for posting a blog after a long gap.

I was genuinely too busy with my board’s.😅 Today was my last exam. Now I am gonna post blogs regularly.

And by the way, my tenth finally got over🤩. I am so happy.


I hope you are gonna support me as always.

Love you guys❤️

Sprightly Shreya.


Let’s Goooooooooooo😂

Don’t know what’s going in my mind,

Those sleepless days and nights.

Thoughts are popping up,

But the reason is still unknown.

Feeling a little dis hearted,

Trying to control my flow of emotions,

My thoughts are like fairy tales,

But the reality is totally different.

Unknown of the next step I will take,

But sure of my self abilities and strength.

I will fight anyhow,

In the dark forest and evergreen grounds.

Sprightly Shreya.

Thank you


Hey guys, hope you all are doing great 😀. I am extremely for not posting blogs on a regular basis. I will definitely do it after my boards exam, hope you understand 💗

So this post is special as I am nominated for this blogging award by one of my lovely friend Sakshi https://myartenthusiastics.wordpress.com🥰.

So let’s get started.

Thank you Sakshi once again.🤗

Creator : Ashmita @thefictionaljournal.

The thing which I admire the most about the world is it’s nature beauty which motivate and inspire me a lot. It gives me positive vibes.

My favourite form of creativity is writing. I love expressing my thoughts and feelings through different forms of writing like poetries,blogs and Stories.

Sakshi ‘s Questions

A1- I miss going to regular school. (Covid please have mercy on us).

A2- Always my family. The are my four walls.

A3- I hate my aggression 😅

A4- My father is my role model. He is the most amazing person I have ever met, the way he interact and guide others is really amazing. He is a genuine Gentleman.


Inspirechief https://inspirechief.com

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Sakshi Shreya https://myartenthusiastics.wordpress.com

Evin http://itzevin.com

Pavithra https://introvertbags.wordpress.com

Yamato Magazine http://yamatomagazine.home.blog

Athira https://crozwalk.wordpress.com

Questions for my nominees

Q 1– What is your favourite webseries?

Q 2– Describe your character.

Q 3– Tell me about the person you admire the most.

Q 4– What is the aim of your life?

Something I created

My creation #1
My creation #2

– Sprightly Shreya

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