It’s Me

Hi, I am Shreya a 14 years old girl who believe love by value, love by acceptance, lead by example and leave a legacy ✌🏻

Recent Blogs

  • I TURNED 15🤩
    Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well. Yesterday was my 15th Birthday. I am a matured teenager now😍(maybe). I was really happy, wishes were flowing in my dm😅. My parents were the first one to wish me. Anyways let’s come to the point. On my this Birthday I pledge to 🖤 Always be myself.Continue reading “I TURNED 15🤩”
    Hey people, hope you all are doing well. recently I have been watching an amazing series Squid Game. Literally watching this series gave me😅🤫 goosebumps. So while I was watching some of the episodes, I found some of the dialogues really motivating 🤩. Here we go 👍🏻 Abdul Ali – It is good to trustContinue reading “MESSAGE FROM SQUID GAME”
    Hey guys, hope you all are doing fine. I am really sorry for posting blogs so late, it’s all because of my busy schedule (boards this year) hope you all understand 😊 This is one of the best poetry I have ever read by my favourite poet Gareth Owen. Ready, Steady, Go! Late again Blenkinsopp?What’sContinue reading “EXCUSES, EXCUSES BY – GARETH OWEN”
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