Worrywart worrior

If there is a way and you can do something about it then why to worry?

If there is no way and you cannot do anything about it then why to worry?

As I was walking on a lonely silent path carrying pressure on my back and worrying about my future that what will be my field,my failure,my success. But becoming a fraidy cat will make me a disappointed worrywart and I worry about the less likely problems too.Researchers suggest that sometimes worrying can be helpful if it is productive or insturctive and leads to solve a problem. Worrying is a term which has both negative and positive aspects. too much about anything will make you involved in it like a web of threads. agonize about something will effect on your health too. But worrying about a topic will definitely give you a way out of it. In a research it was found that most of the mankind think about there future.

Worrying is a word which brings both happiness and sadness with it . Worrying too much about something will impact on your health. Worrying about your future or something will give you a way out of it , It totally depend on us that how we are going to become a fusspot or fraidy cat. Worrying about something is necessary but sometimes people worrry so much that it affects on the mind and health both. Have believe in yourself and worry about the thing which is truly necessary.

Confident Shreya

Class 9

Published by Sprightly Shreya

I am 14 years old girl. Who believe love by value. Love by acceptance, lead by example &leave a legacy.

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