My experience in my new school

So I was basically a new student In my new school. In my old school I was an old student everyone use to know me and I use to know them as well. But in this school I was new to all and all were new for me too. In my First online class I was bit scared about the school and atmosphere .But all the pupil in the class and teacher were very friendly and nice to me . The atmosphere of the class was very plesant, I was also attracted by the way teachers were teaching. I have studied in many schools but I have never seen teachers getting this much connected with students.

After few days as I was getting use to my new school. Then I got to know about a workshop and I join in that writing workshop was held by one of our school teacher. This workshop was very helpful and interesting . But the best experience of mine in this school till now was when we had a session with Sukriti Chopra – she is an editor blogger and much more. The way she was interacting with us was awesome. I was happy that I got an opportunity to meet her.

My new school is awesome and nice from all angles of the corner whether I talk about inside or outside. The students teachers, principal all are very nice and helpful.

Till now my experience in my new school is going on awesome I hope so that it will be carried forward too. This new school of mine caught my eyes in first glance itself .

Sprightly shreya

Class 9

Published by Sprightly Shreya

I am 14 years old girl. Who believe love by value. Love by acceptance, lead by example &leave a legacy.

9 thoughts on “My experience in my new school

  1. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Rightly said by a great person. It’s true for you Shreya. Keep Learning. God Bless You

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