“Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait to hear your answer.”-

Ed Cunningham

What is a true Friendship?

As time passes by , lots of people will walk past , but the only person who stays behind with you forever is your true best buddy. The most crucial part of a true friend is that they are judgment free.

Friendship is among the greatest relationship or bond that anyone can ever have. Friendship is free of judgments, selfishness, fear. The luckiest person in this world is who is having a true friend in this long journey of life. Friendship is a treasure filled not with gold ,silver or diamonds but filled with love , happiness and acceptance.

In a true friendship bond the best part is that you are free of gripping fear of judgments cheat, you are just completely yourself. Friendship is not having any dimension like caste, creed, gender, religion, race or nationality it is only about love and care. A true friend is who will protect you in all directions of life.

An old rule of thumb is that many winds will pass by you but a true friend stays forever.

Sprightly shreya

Published by Sprightly Shreya

I am 14 years old girl. Who believe love by value. Love by acceptance, lead by example &leave a legacy.

6 thoughts on “FRIENDSHIP

  1. Very true. Friendship is not a relationship of blood, it’s a relationship of trust. We don’t choose relatives but we choose our friends. The qualities of a friend or frendship the author has stated is very much required. There is no alternative. Great

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