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Hi guys, firstly I am really sorry for answering late but it is all because of my busy schedule during my online exams. Actually this is my first nomination for any title.

Thank you Jofina 🥰 for nominating me and motivating me. She is really an awesome blogger who keep motivating her readers by her posts and quotes . I like your way of writing thank you once again check out her post here


Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Share 11 facts about yourself.

Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you.

Nominate 11:00 bloggers and make them happy.

Make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees.

Notify your nominees.


1- I love being close to the nature.

2- I am friendly,kind and aggressive person, but aggression comes out minorly only.

3- I am kind of foody, but do not like cooking much.

4-I love eating Dark chocolates.

5- I love traveling to new places and metting new people.

6- In addition to writing I like to dance, listen music,paint etc.

7- I am hyperactive and cannot sit in one place for more than a minute.

8- Actually I am a girl who hate make-up.

9- I like making friends and cannot live alone.

10- I am very particular about my dressing sense ☺️

11- I am not a kind of religious person but ya do believe in god.

Question / Answer:

Q-1 After reading facts about me how many of we are in common?

Ans- Amazing part is that we have many things in common.

Q-2 Any advice for me?

Ans- Just be the same forever.

Q-3 Anything you want to achieve in our life?

Ans- I want to achieve success in journalism.

Q-4 Do you have any fear?

Ans- Yep, I am Acrophobic. ( Phobia of Height).

Q-5 It becomes difficult to accept something that we cannot change . How do you accept the things that you can’t change?

Ans- I just take it as a useless thing.

Q-6 One of your favourite thing about writing ?

Ans- I can express my feelings freely.

Q-7 Would you have a plan to write a book?

Ans- Ya, I am thinking of writing a Fictious or Biographical book.

Q-8 One of your best memory?

Ans- Every moment in my life is one of my best memory.

Q-9 One thing that you want to learn?

Ans- To be happy with whatever I have.

Q-10 What is your motivation when it comes to writing?

Ans- The things, situation and people around me are the major motivation when it comes to writing.

Q-11 What are the things that you learn from 2020?

Ans- Patience, Value of life and family.


W.m Allen

luisa zambrotta


Rising Star


Dulcy Singh


Jimmy John

Kamal Shrestha



My Question For the Nominees Are:

Q What is the reason behind your blogging career?

Q What is the biggest motivation of your life?

Q One of the best moment of your life?

Q One habit you want to change?

Q Do you believe in religion or myth?

Q You are a coffee/tea person?

Q Any advice you can give me?

Q The best part about yourself?

Q The place which you want to visit and why?

Q How do you judge people?

Q The change which you want to bring in the society.

Published by Sprightly Shreya

I am 14 years old girl. Who believe love by value. Love by acceptance, lead by example &leave a legacy.

46 thoughts on “LEIBSTER AWARD

  1. बहुत बढ़िया
    कोशिश करे आगे बढे
    आज कहते उसे इंसान यहा
    मानव मनुष्य बहुत है दुनिया मे
    आपको जाग्रत करनी इंसानियत यहा।।

    रहे दुआ सदा हमारी
    आप नारी शक्ति हो यहा
    जाग्रत करना पहले ख़ुद को
    फिर जमाने को जाग्रत करे यहा।।

    अव्वल आओ आप परीक्षा
    अव्वल ही नज़रो में छाए यहा
    दूसरा तीसरा नज़र ना आए कभी
    प्रथम सूर्य जैसे सबको दिखता हैं यहां।।

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wowww, that’s so nice you are are my dear friend. Beautifully written and wonderful answers. May you get success in your life along with journalism.
    So many hearted congratulations on the award and so many thanks for your valued nomination.


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