Hi guys, today I thought to share my feelings,my views on the problems faced by girls.

I hope that you will like this post 😊 and do share it as much as possible so that everyone can understand them🥺

Please think about it.

Sprightly Shreya/sensational writer

Published by Sprightly Shreya

I am 14 years old girl. Who believe love by value. Love by acceptance, lead by example &leave a legacy.

7 thoughts on “INDEPENDENCE 🥺

  1. Nice ! These are the conditions face by every girl but we have to change the point of views regarding it. and for all these permissions and freedom we must have to directly talk to our parents because every restrictions are first given by our parents. And when one girl is able to make them understand properly for their independence then there isn’t any power developed to abandon any girl in prison of slavery or insecurities.

      1. True shreya…. Go deep in yourself and see what is thriving in your thoughts , you will find the solutions. 😇

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