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Hey guys, hope you all are doing great 😀. I am extremely for not posting blogs on a regular basis. I will definitely do it after my boards exam, hope you understand 💗

So this post is special as I am nominated for this blogging award by one of my lovely friend Sakshi🥰.

So let’s get started.

Thank you Sakshi once again.🤗

Creator : Ashmita @thefictionaljournal.

The thing which I admire the most about the world is it’s nature beauty which motivate and inspire me a lot. It gives me positive vibes.

My favourite form of creativity is writing. I love expressing my thoughts and feelings through different forms of writing like poetries,blogs and Stories.

Sakshi ‘s Questions

A1- I miss going to regular school. (Covid please have mercy on us).

A2- Always my family. The are my four walls.

A3- I hate my aggression 😅

A4- My father is my role model. He is the most amazing person I have ever met, the way he interact and guide others is really amazing. He is a genuine Gentleman.



Carla milho

Sakshi Shreya



Yamato Magazine


Questions for my nominees

Q 1– What is your favourite webseries?

Q 2– Describe your character.

Q 3– Tell me about the person you admire the most.

Q 4– What is the aim of your life?

Something I created

My creation #1
My creation #2

– Sprightly Shreya

Published by Sprightly Shreya

I am 14 years old girl. Who believe love by value. Love by acceptance, lead by example &leave a legacy.


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