“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

– Anne Marie

Can we live without plastic? Oh my God! No or maybe yes. Everything is possible.
Plastics are organic materials just like wood, paper, wood etc. A wide range synthetic or semi synthetic
materials that are used and used and growing range of applications.
Plastic! Plastic! Plastic, everywhere you look you will find plastic.
Everything is present on this land is having both advantages and disadvantages, similarly plastic too is
having advantage and many disadvantages. It can be like it that it can be easily into various shapes. It is
lightweight, resistant to corrosion, poor conductor of heat and electricity, cheap and etc.
Disadvantages are like non renewable resource, produce toxic fumes and burns, non biodegradable. The
poisonous gaseous products produced buy plastic causes many health issues like cancer, birth defects
etc. Basically it plays the role of a devil for the environment.
For a long time we have been using plastic, the forms of plastic are complicated chemical structures that
can be more dangerous to environment and less productive.
Now let’s imagine a world without plastic, It will be little complicated and hard in starting but slowly and
gradually we will find alternatives to replace the uses of plastic products. We can use various products
instead of plastic. For example using cloth bags in place of plastic bags. The reduction of plastic will
surely help in improving the condition of environment and it will also reduce the cases of Cancer
patients and will improve the condition of biotic resources. It will majorly help in reducing water and air
pollution etc.
The success mantra of plastic free world is
Plastic make our daily lives convenient in so many ways that its nearly impossible to imagine a world
without it. Without plastic there will be less pollution and fever deaths. Forest will be green again and
glaciers and rivers will be safer to consume and it will also affect in our day to day life. Plastic surely
makes our life easy but on the other hand it is harming our environment as well as ourselves.
A world without plastic will look so beautiful and green mother nature will show regain its beauty.
Let’s pledge to make a plastic free future for our next generation.

“ Less plastic More life”

– Sprightly Shreya


Hey guys, Hope you all are doing great.😊

Yesterday I was having a deep conversation with myself and I finally understood the difference between Self Respect and Ego.

Most of the times in our life we get confused between these two words in a relationship.

Here’s a short example to understand the difference between both the words in simple and clear way.

“Why should I text first?” This is Ego.

“Why should I always be the first to text?” This is Self Respect.

There is a very small difference between the two words but this small difference brings a big change in reality.

Your Ego will ruin your life for sure and your self respect will always raise your head up☺️

That’s all for today. Till then bye.

Stay tuned ☺️

-Sprightly Shreya


Hey guys, what’s up? I am extremely sorry for posting this post so late.

Anyways, I know you will forgive me.☺️

Summary– While going for his work, Shiv met a girl who was continuously sobbing, as she got seperated from her parents. Now how will Shiv help Ruhi to meet her parents again?

Let Get Started

Shiv was worried about Ruhi, he decided to take her along with him to the tiffin shop where he used to work as a child labour.

After reaching there his master outbursted on him like a volcano “you are 1 hour late today, senseless fellow”. Shiv stood still with his head bent down until his master was quiet, suddenly his master noticed Ruhi and asked him about her identity. Shiv narrated the whole story in front of his master.

Shiv’s master became cool and apologized Shiv for scolding him unnecessarily and then he offered Ruhi to sit comfortably and then he tried to gain some information about her through a small pep talk. At first, she felt uncomfortable but slowly and gradually she started sharing her information with both of them😀

Now what is going to happen next? So for that you have to wait a little 😉

Till then stay tuned☺️

– Sprightly Shreya


Standing alone in the dark night,

Thinking about a one way light.

Slowly came a silent breeze,

Hissed in my ears and made me freezed.

I Slowly closed my eyes to feel it’s presence,

And it’s silent and cool inner reverence.

It slowly passed by my side,

And gave me a peaceful alight.

All my frustration vanished away,

In the universe or galaxy that lay.

Sprightly Shreya

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