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It’s Me

Hi, I am Shreya a 14 years old girl who believe love by value, love by acceptance, lead by example and leave a legacy ✌🏻

Recent Blogs

    Hey guys! Hope you are doing great ☺️. This is a new poem by me. Eyes filled with flow of emotions, Trying to stop them just on the edge. Want to explain a thousand of words, Have been thinking hundred of thoughts. Oh for god’s sake! Is there someone to hear me out, To agreeContinue reading “EMOTIONS”
    Hey guys. What’s up? Hope you all are doing great. In this world of brutality I lit up the light to find peace. Went to the ocean and the sea, But sadly found nothing but stale fish. Started my journey again now to the cities, Even the worst the condition was noisy, cram and ravenous.rdContinue reading “WHERE TO FIND PEACE?”
    Hey guys, hope you are doing great πŸ˜„ As soon as I woke up this morning I saw the news and I was very happy to see that Geetanjali Shree has won the International Booker prize 2022. I am a big bookworm and I have read 2 of her books.❀️ She is a real inspirationContinue reading “NEWS OF PRIDE FOR INDIA”
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