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Shady old tree taught me,

To always grow magnificient in life.

Those tiny beautiful flowers taught me,

To bloom my inner self.

Strong tall mountains taught me,

To always look and aim high.

Green dense forest taught me,

To always think deep.

Those rigid rough rocks taught me,

To always stay strong in every phase of life.

Red rounded sun taught me,

To always spread my dignity.

Bright shiny moon taught me,

To always shine brighter.

Tiny Little stars taught me

To always work in unity.


Thank you

Sprightly Shreya

Sagacious Word

Hey guys, hope you all are doing great 😊. When I was around 7 to 8 years old. My father use to teach me how to be wise and kind in life. So here are some of his lines🥰

* Even with the soil, keep your friendship.*
* From heart, keep your kindness*

* Do not get hurt, by words,*
*So, be wise.*

* Be recognised, apart from you,*
* In the crowd, keep the art,*

* For a moment this, the passion of youth,*
* Prepare for old age too*

*Heart, might get hurt,*
*Still keep your tongue sweet.*

Sprightly Shreya 😊

Real knowledge of life- Ramayana 😊

⚘After all, what is Ramayana If you read, then keep your tears under control. Sleep broke out. Asked

⚘Get up, fall at your feet, mother! why did you hurt would have called me
The mother said, Shatrughan! why here
Shatrughan ji broke down crying, said – Mother! Brother Ram ji went to the forest on the orders of his father, brother

⚘Thinking here, as soon as Lakshman ji reached his room, he saw that Urmila ji was standing with a platter of aarti and said – “You leave my worries and go to the forest in the service of the Lord. I will not stop you. Come because of me.

Lakshman ji was hesitant to say. But before he could say anything, Urmila ji threw him out of hesitation. In fact, here is the religion of the wife. Even before the husband was hesitant, the wife was in his mind.

⚘Lakshman ji left but for 14 years Urmila did severe penance like an ascetic. Lakshman ji never slept in the service of brother and sister-in-law in the forest, but Urmila also never closed the doors of her palaces.

When Lakshmana gets power while fighting with Meghnath and Hanuman ji is returning with a mountain of Sanjeevani for him, in the middle of Ayodhya, Bharat ji shoots arrows considering him as a demon and Hanuman ji falls.

⚘On hearing this, Kaushalya ji says to tell Rama not to even set foot in Ayodhya without Lakshmana. Ram remained in the forest. Mata Sumitra says that there is nothing to tell Ram. Shatrughan is still there. i send him⚘

⚘Hanuman ji asks- Goddess! What is the reason for your happiness? Your husband’s life is in danger. As soon as the sun rises, the lamp of the Surya clan will be extinguished. Hearing the answer of Urmila ji, any creature of the three worlds

Janak’s daughters were the foundation of Ram Rajya… Sometimes Sita and sometimes Urmila. Lord Rama only established the Kalash of Rama Rajya but in reality the kingdom of Rama came only from all these love, sacrifice, dedication and sacrifice.

“Hail hail Sita Ram”
“Hail Radhe-Krishna”
If you have liked it, if you have the feeling of love, sacrifice, support, then definitely move it forward.

Thank you 😊

Sprightly Shreya


Me right now😅

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing great. This is a quick message blog.

I am little worried and too busy right now as my 10th boards are starting from 30th November 😅. Pressure pressure pressure!

Wish me good luck👍🏻. Will take a short leave till 13th December ❤️. (God help me 😂).

Okay it’s time to go now. Lot to study for my Social Science exam on Tuesday.

Sprightly Shreya.


Hey everyone, what’s up buddies 😊.

Yesterday our society owned dog Oreo gave birth to 8 puppies, sadly one of the pup died😔and Oreo right now is too weak. So I and my sister thought to take care of her and her puppies. We were playing with those cute puppies 😍

They are so cute oh my god 🥰. I wish I could keep one but no problem I took permission from my parents for taking of our little friends ❤️. We made a small dog house of a blanket and pillow.

Today after returning from our school me and my sister went to feed them. I love my pups so much 🤗. I just want to help them in each and every way I can.

– Sprightly Shreya


festival of effort
of the divine
keep a lamp on the door
The war with darkness goes on
Every time the darkness of darkness will be defeated
The golden-redness of sparkling light will win
The lamp is the first pilgrimage of light
Keep its meaning, otherwise it is pointless
give it the sweet shade of blessings
Take our prayer-good luck!!
Requested continuous good luck in flickering light
Respected Mangal feeling in the light of faith!!!

Wishing you and your entire family a very Happy Diwali

Sprightly Shreya 🤩


Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well.

Yesterday was my 15th Birthday. I am a matured teenager now😍(maybe). I was really happy, wishes were flowing in my dm😅. My parents were the first one to wish me. Anyways let’s come to the point.

On my this Birthday I promised myself to

🖤 Always be myself.

🖤 Always believe in I can and I will.

🖤 I will always be focused towards my goal no matter how much I have to struggle.

🖤 Always be happy and positive.

🖤 Love everyone hate no one.

Thank you🤗

Happy Blogging 😍

– Sprightly Shreya


Hey people, hope you all are doing well. recently I have been watching an amazing series Squid Game. Literally watching this series gave me😅🤫 goosebumps. So while I was watching some of the episodes, I found some of the dialogues really motivating 🤩.

Here we go 👍🏻

Abdul Ali – It is good to trust people,but sometimes, the world around us is not as kind.

Mi Nyeo- You reap what you sow. After all, bad deeds do not go unpunished.

Sae Byeok- Always remember not to make snap judgements about people in certain circumstances.

Gi Hun- You can win the most difficult battles in your life if your intentions are good.

Hope you will like it 🤗

Thank you

– Sprightly Shreya


Hey guys, hope you all are doing fine. I am really sorry for posting blogs so late, it’s all because of my busy schedule (boards this year) hope you all understand 😊

This is one of the best poetry I have ever read by my favourite poet Gareth Owen.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Late again Blenkinsopp?
What’s the excuse this time?
Not my fault sir.
Who’s fault is it then?
Grandma’s sir.
Grandma’s? What did she do?
She died sir.
She’s seriously dead alright sir.
That makes four grandmothers this term Blenkinsopp
And all on PE days.
I know. It’s very upsetting sir.
How many grandmothers have you got Blenkinsopp?
Grandmothers sir? None sir.
You said you had four.
All dead sir.
And what about yesterday Blenkinsopp?
What about yesterday sir?
You were absent yesterday.
That was the dentist sir.
The dentist died?
No sir. My teeth sir.
You missed the maths test Blenkinsopp!

– Gareth Owen

Isn’t it funny😂? I like the excuses the boy makes, I too am the same. LOL

Thank you.

– Sprightly Shreya